Khazad-dum - Garmadh - CD

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  • Description

    Coming from the abyss, where ancient demons were awaken from their thousand years old slumber, Khazad-Dum’s music can count on the spontaneity and the unique feeling typical of the early days of black metal, and particularly on the visionary strength of Abigor & Summoning’s first masterpieces, before they would get too much into ambient fields.

    Bringing Summoning’s darkest atmospheres into a more traditional black metal style, with their debut album Khazad-Dum grant a perfect journey to those who miss the nostalgic aura of the 90s.

    It’s like opening the book of memories and flying back to the ancient, glorious times of black metal.

    Wrath of the Tyrant Records is a Black Metal label dedicated to the most genuine underground spirit, printing limited stuff exclusively, to keep alive the flame of the early '90 attitude.

  • Additional Information

    Band Khazad-dum
    Title Garmadh
    Label Imported
    Style Black Metal
    Detailed style Black Metal
    Catalog # WTT002
    Release Date Sep 29, 2017