• Building on the foundation laid by their debut album 'Sunyata' (a title that loosely translates to “emptiness” or “voidness”), VIPASSI showcases their exceptional artistry on sophomore release 'Lightless', a record that delves into the timeless theme of light versus dark.
  • TEMIC are just one album in, but to reach this point, this supergroup had to navigate quite the career maze. These guys have played with Devin Townsend, Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress, Neal Morse, Shining, and Maraton. But it wasn’t until the world shut down in 2020, that keyboardist Diego Tejedia and guitarist Eric Gillette got around to starting a band together.
Their idea wasn’t exactly simple: orchestrate their love for high-energy electronica and killer melodies into a modern prog-metal band. But by recruiting vocalist Fredrik Bergersen Klemp and Simen Sandnes on drums, TEMIC managed to pull that concept off.
‘Terror Management Theory’ is layered with twists and turns. “Count Your Losses” crushes out tech riffs by the ton, while “Falling Away” drifts down a blackhole of starry-eyed synths. At the end of this labyrinthine album lies “Mothalah”, a 7-minute epic that never stops reaching for the sky, led by heroic falsetto.
  • Helga Gabriel emerged from the Swedish woods in 2018. Her first two EPs allowed her ample room to explore the darker, mistier direction that her songwriting was taking, though she’d already hinted at the quiet power of her voice as part of a folk-pop duo. But it wasn’t until this forest child moved all the way to Northern England that HELGA truly rounded into shape.
‘Wrapped in Mist’ isn’t just HELGA’s debut album, it’s also her debut for Season of Mist, which is fitting and this is Helga’s first time writing with an established band.

Cai Sumption (guitar), Cameron Gledhill (guitar) and Ryan Fairclough (bass) might have grown up obsessing over pop-punk, but they started playing together in a band that was named after Modest Mouse. Together, along with Sami Javed, HELGA weave together baroque pop, industrial rock, medieval folk and progressive metal – sometimes within the same song. “Burden” lurches under a glitchy, distorted groove only to burst into a swooning chorus, before ascending into a heavenly post-rock coda that was inspired by the band’s budding friendship.
  • HELFRO emerged from desolation. When his previous band Ophidian I went into hiatus in 2015, drummer Ragnar Sverrisson started chiseling away at his own cruel vision of black metal, late into the brutal Icelandic night. From that intense period of loneliness, HELFRO carved their own way into the extreme metal landscape. Their self-titled debut was released right into the fires of the pandemic, but its chilling melodies and raw aggression slithered onto several year-end lists. Now, the hooded duo are returning with their follow-up. ‘Tálgröf’ rips off plenty of Helfró’s signature, furious tremolo riffs. But while their new album delves deeper into addiction and intrusive thought patterns, it also expands beyond the rigid world of black metal
  • Born from the ashes of DODECAHEDRON (and formerly EXIVIOUS), AUTARKH is a perpetual motion machine. Their 2021 debut, ‘Form In Motion’, already sounded like a message from the future, but sophomore album ‘Emergent’ truly embodies what it’s like to live in the digital age.
‘Emergent’ synthesizes modern metal intensity with sinister industrial drones and ethereal, chiming post-rock – all within one song.
Few bands have made something as innovative as this.
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