• Janis’, VESTIGE's inaugural album, crafts a musical narrative that grips the heart. With tracks that traverse through atmospheric shoegaze, intense melodic landscapes, and poignant tormented times, ‘Janis’ juxtaposes the agony of despair with the sublime beauty of hope. VESTIGE deliver a raw, exhilarating auditory journey which grafts a mark on the modern metal scene and insists on leaving a legacy as timeless as the emotions that inspire them.
  • KINGCROW emerges once more from Italy's progressive rock forge with a legacy etched in eclectic sounds and emotional narrative. Their evolution is meticulously woven progressive rock, alternative ambiance, and metal, transcending mere genre labels. ‘Hopium’ marks a zenith in KINGCROW's story, a manifesto of passion and a defiant stride into the auditory unknown.
  • HEILUNG perform rituals. Christopher Juul, Maria Franz, Kai Uwe Faust and their Nordic collective sweep audiences into rapture with throat singing, primordial rhythms, subtle electronic textures, a mesmerizing light show, an army of warriors and bursts of fire. What better place on earth to experience their ancient ritual than the Red Rocks Amphitheatre? The world-famous venue - which is located outside of Denver, Colorado in the USA, tucked between two giant sandstones - was once home to indigenous tribes. When HEILUNG performed there in October 2021, they recorded the show so that the whole world can experience the magic of their very first Red Rocks performance again and again!
  • Fans who’ve waited on bended knee for a new album by JUNO Award winners ANCIIENTS will not be disappointed by ‘Beyond the Reach of the Sun’. After eight years of hermetic silence, ANCIIENTS have returned with a new line-up and a new album that now stands as their heaviest, headiest and most heartfelt offering. On ‘Beyond the Reach of the Sun’, ANCIIENTS climb to the summit of progressive metal.
  • The idea behind REPLACIRE’s third album was simple. Write some straight-ahead chuggers to feed the mosh pit the next time these bearded whiz kids went on tour.
Of course, like any band that’s worth its weight in colored sands, REPLACIRE deviated from that initial thought pattern. After disappearing down a seven-year rabbit hole, they emerged with more mind-bending tech-death workouts. The title track ties your brain into a pretzel with knotted syncopated percussion and glitchy finger taps.
It wasn’t always so easy. But despite countless Zoom calls, bouts with sleep paralysis and one near trip to the hospital, the Boston band stay strong on ‘The Center That Cannot Hold’. “I impose all I am / Death entwined, rage inside / Blackened sky” new vocalist James Dorton roars, as if raising the weight of the world high above his shoulders.
  • Plunge into the boundless universe of WORMED, the ensemble hailing from the deep space of Sci-Fi Tech Death Metal. ‘Omegon’ emerges as WORMED's latest masterpiece, a sonic voyage set against the backdrop of an ancient cosmic conflict where civilizations vie for the omnipotence of a substance beyond the mortal coil. ‘Omegon’ is an auditory spectacle, weaving together the fabric of reality through layers of technical riffs, unearthly vocals, and narratives steeped in cosmic lore.
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