• FUNERAL, hailing from the icy landscapes of Norway, stands solemn as stalwart guardians of the funeral doom metal genre. With roots intertwining the sorrow of a wake and the heaviness of bowed boughs bearing winter's weight, their music is a vessel of mourning and memory.
In the heartrending depths of ‘Gospel of Bones’, we bear witness to a journey of grief, a map drawn in melancholic melodies and the relentless dirge of funeral drums. Each song is a requiem, a story etched into the annals of the night, with Anders Eek’s dismal symphonies leading the procession through tracks like the desolate beauty of “My Own Grave” and the harrowing “Procession of Misery”. From the cold, lingering notes of “Too Young to Die”, to the sorrowful elegy “Yestertear”, this album is FUNERAL's sovereign claim to the throne of despair.
  • Hailing from the frozen landscapes of Norway, 1349 have etched their mark upon the black metal pantheon, wielding their instruments like war-axes in the vanguard of the genre's relentless assault. With a legacy drenched in the blood of aural extremities, they have become the standard-bearers of unyielding sonic warfare, relentless in their pursuit of the darker arts. With ‘The Wolf & The King’, 1349 continues to stretch the boundaries of the genre, infusing their relentless blast beats and searing guitars with an atmosphere of apocalyptic elegance.
  • Plunge into the boundless universe of WORMED, the ensemble hailing from the deep space of Sci-Fi Tech Death Metal. ‘Omegon’ emerges as WORMED's latest masterpiece, a sonic voyage set against the backdrop of an ancient cosmic conflict where civilizations vie for the omnipotence of a substance beyond the mortal coil. ‘Omegon’ is an auditory spectacle, weaving together the fabric of reality through layers of technical riffs, unearthly vocals, and narratives steeped in cosmic lore.
  • In the mist-shrouded realm of black metal, GRAVENOIRE emerges as a phantasm, a spectral echo of the genre's most unyielding and arcane iterations. Combining the talents of present and past members of Anorexia Nervosa, Seth, BÂ’A and Diablation, this harbinger of the aether marries the raw, unfiltered essence of 90s black metal with the enigmatic lore of its ancestral land - France
  • OCEANS OF SLUMBER defy any and all convention. Since 2011, the Houston band have come to redefine the Southern Gothic by casting their tales of hope and despair against an ever-shifting backdrop of melodic death, doom and black metal, with subtle electronic flourishes and classical composition added for good measure. On ‘Where Gods Fear To Speak’, OCEANS OF SLUMBER remake progressive metal in their own dark cinematic image.
  • Janis’, VESTIGE's inaugural album, crafts a musical narrative that grips the heart. With tracks that traverse through atmospheric shoegaze, intense melodic landscapes, and poignant tormented times, ‘Janis’ juxtaposes the agony of despair with the sublime beauty of hope. VESTIGE deliver a raw, exhilarating auditory journey which grafts a mark on the modern metal scene and insists on leaving a legacy as timeless as the emotions that inspire them.
  • HEILUNG perform rituals. Christopher Juul, Maria Franz, Kai Uwe Faust and their Nordic collective sweep audiences into rapture with throat singing, primordial rhythms, subtle electronic textures, a mesmerizing light show, an army of warriors and bursts of fire. What better place on earth to experience their ancient ritual than the Red Rocks Amphitheatre? The world-famous venue - which is located outside of Denver, Colorado in the USA, tucked between two giant sandstones - was once home to indigenous tribes. When HEILUNG performed there in October 2021, they recorded the show so that the whole world can experience the magic of their very first Red Rocks performance again and again!

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