Ustalost - The Spoor of Vipers - LP Gatefold

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  • Description

    The Spoor Of Vipers is the first release from Will Skarstad’s Ustalost. All instruments and vocals are written and performed by Will himself, and as a first release this is an album of unusual ambition. The Spoor Of Vipers is a shimmering album of towering lo-fi black metal, not terribly far from the stylistic realm where Yellow Eyes dwells, although Ustalost is distinctly its own creature.

    This debut LP is a grand document of splendor and magnificence, as songs transition from dense tremolo parts into gorgeous fanfares and complex, atmospheric riffage. But the underlying power of this music is that through both cacophonous and synth drenched passages the songs manage to emit a profoundly sad tone that also feels fundamentally incurable.

  • Additional Information

    Band Ustalost
    Title The Spoor of Vipers
    Label Gilead Media
    Style Black Metal
    Detailed style Black Metal
    Catalog # Relic82
    Release Date Oct 6, 2017