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    Since 2004, Russian Bestial Black Metal masters Pseudogod have been trudging through the infertile landscape of the underground, malevolent soldiers of apocalyptic ruin. Pseudogod’s output, however, has remained sparse in comparison to the band’s longevity—an effect of the tyrannical control the band has maintained over the quality of its work. Aside from the band’s 2012 full-length, “Deathwomb Catechesis,” Pseudogod has released just one demo, along with a handful of EPs, split releases, and comp tracks. The “Sepulchral Chants” compilation, originally released as a CD, in 2015, by Sekt Ov Gnozis Productions, collects all of Pseudogod’s non-album tracks. Presented in nearly chronological order, these tracks trace the steps of Pseudogod’s development, beginning with the wretched and relentless violence of the “Illusion of Salvation” demo. First released in 2006, “Illusion of Salvation” was Pseudogod’s first blasphemous proclamation. As a first release, it was virtually unparalleled among the band’s peers in the Black/Death style, and it set a high bar for Pseudogod to live up to for future releases. But any doubt that Pseudogod would be unable to surpass the demo was quickly dispelled with the 2009 split release with Blaze of Perdition. Pseudogod’s three tracks on that release (which were later released on the “Triumphus Serpentis Magni” MLP), represented a substantial step forward, and a deeper descent into the dimmest regions of the soul. Mixed and mastered by M. Zentara (MGLA), the sound is full, but severe, demonstrating the band’s stunning balance of sonic severity and precision songwriting. Pseudogod clearly possessed something that their contemporaries at the time sorely lacked; they created atmosphere but without sacrificing the melody and structure necessary for good, memorable songs. The band continued to refine this approach over the next few years on the Russian “Four Wings of Blasphemy” four-way split CD and the split 12” with Morbosidad. As it evolved, Pseudogod’s music became more immense, exhibiting a rarefied understanding of, and an unyielding devotion to, the malefic forces underlying Black Metal. This collection—released on vinyl for the first time—includes all of the tracks Pseudogod released prior to the recording of the debut album (as well as a few previously unreleased rehearsal tracks). It is a remarkably consistent body of work and remains one of the best representations of this style produced in the last 20 years.

    Shortly thereafter, and like any band that truly deserves such a level of admiration in the wake of just a single recording, this Swedish death cult dedicated itself to surpassing its own highly-set standard in composing and eventually recording its second full-length album. “Apollyon,” the fruit of this endeavor hereby presented by Nuclear War Now!, has met and exceeded the lofty expectations resulting from the acclaim of “Grave Ekstasis.” In the same fashion as the first album, “Apollyon” achieves its effect by dragging the listener down into the most abysmal depths of subconscious oblivion. This descent is blanketed in a palpably dark atmosphere and primarily driven by a unique array of percussive patterns and instrumentation, all of which is complemented by the alternating swelling and contraction of the guitar riffs.

    It is, however, with perhaps a hint of irony that this second album eclipses its predecessor in terms of its darkness, given the obvious solar reference in the title “Apollyon” and the previous album’s lunar association. On the other hand, the even more pronounced density of “Apollyon” is appropriate when one recognizes the sun’s role as an active generator of light, an agent of revelation and prophecy, and the absolute state of Being, which are the dominant themes explored in the album’s lyrics and other accompanying texts. Further distinguishing “Apollyon” from “Grave Ekstasis” is the greater degree of focus in its compositions. “Grave Ekstasis,” with its more open approach to the songs’ arrangements, was reflective of a band in its early development, firmly in possession of an unbridled potency but with a somewhat lesser capability to optimally channel this potential. “Apollyon,” on the other hand, demonstrates a musical maturation evidenced by its greater level of systemization and technical advancement, which results in a more cohesive effort overall.

    Tracks 01-02: "Illusion of Salvation" demo tape 2006
    Tracks 03-05: "In Void and Serpent the Spirit is One" split 2008 / "Triumphus Serpentis Magni" MLP 2010
    Tracks 06-07: "Four Wings of Blasphemy and Abomination" split 2010 / "The Pharynxes of Hell" EP 2015
    Tracks 08-09: "Triumphus Serpentis Magni" MLP 2010
    Track 10: from split with Morbosidad MLP 2011
    Track 11: "The Pharynxes of Hell" EP 2015
    Track 12: bonus for "Illusion of Salvation" Pic LP 2012
    Track 13: Rehearsal 2007
    Tracks 14-15: Rehearsal 2014

  • Additional Information

    Band Pseudogod
    Title Sepulchral Chants
    Style Black Metal
    Detailed style Blackened Death
    Catalog # ANTIGOTH393
    Release Date Jul 27, 2018
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